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Weekly Report Iran 25/04 – 01/05 2011

Weekly report Iran


Summary of events


Week- 25/04 to 01/05

  • 25/4: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khatami announced that he will not hesitate to intervene in the Country’s national politics if the nation’s interest were being neglected. A growing tension between the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini and the President Ahmadinejad has growing over the past year as observers have noted. On 17 April, Mr. Moshen (Minister of Intelligence) was forced to resign and later reinstated by the Supreme Leader. Mr. Mohsen, which holds a considerable influence on the Revolutionary Guards and Basij, is reported to be an ally of Khameini and a potential successor to Ahmadinejad in 2013. Mr. Moshen integrated Ahmadinejad’s cabinet in 2009 during the post-election riots.


  • 26/4: Iran says it uncovers STARS virus espionage. According to Iranian sources it is the second cyber-attack on Iran’s government institutions this year. In June 2010; Iran uncovered a similar attack on certain types of its industrial controllers. Iran blamed both Israel and the United States for the attack.


  • 26/4: Ties between Iran and Bahrain worsen as Bahrain expels Senior Iranian Diplomat. Hujatullah Rahmani, the second secretary at the Iranian Embassy in Manama, was declared persona non grata and ordered out within 72 hours.


  • 26/4: Hundreds of Iranian workers rallied in front of the presidential office to demand nine months of unpaid wages. Also a number of workers at the Esfahan Steel Company gathered in front of the parliament building in Tehran on April 24 to protest the nonpayment of their back wage.


  • 26/4Iran raises prices of bread by 25% as an attempt to reduce government subsidies. In January, Iran’s top legislative oversight body, the Guardian Council, approved a bill that gradually phases in cuts for government subsidies for goods such as fuel, electricity and bread.


  • Iran wants Sara Shourd, arrested in 2009 over spying charge and subsequently released over a bail of 500’000 USD is asked to return from the United States to stand trial in May 2011.


  • 27/4: US says it has information that Iran supports Syria in crackdown against demonstrations.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice reiterated that Iran is supporting the Syrian crackdown using “the same brutal tactics” it did against its own people.


  • 27/4: Iran announces that it will soon release its own “Halal Internet” named Iranianet. The project aims to counter the western influence found on the traditional internet.


  • 28/4: Iran and Egypt resume diplomatic talks after many years of stalemate


  • 28/4: 11 Iranian political prisoners have been transferred to Ghezel Hesar prison located 20 km west of Tehran.


  • 30/4: Iran asserts that the Persian Gulf was and always will belong to Iran. General Firouzabadi announced that the monarchic dictatorships of the Gulf can not suppress indefinitely the democratic movements in the region. The General also criticized Arab attempts to distort history and rename the Persian Gulf.


  • 01/05: President Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Khameini feud is still strong. It has been reported that the president has missed two cabinets meetings and boycotted his duties the past week. The feud between the two men started over the case of Mr. Mohsen Asgari (Minister of Intelligence). Mr. Asgari was forced to resign on the 17 of April. Under the Iranian constitution the President appoints the ministers which must then be approved by the Supreme Leader. The later was reinstated by the Supreme Leader. A group of MPs have openly criticized the President stating that obedience to the Supreme Leader is not only a religious duty but his a legal obligation.



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